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Same day restorations offer convenience and a better option for a healthy smile. Now you can be free from the insanity of dental temporaries with E4D same day dentistry.

The E4D Dentist system can offer you an unparalleled dental experience, enabling us to provide you with a high quality dental restoration in a single appointment.

Same Day Dentistry

We understand that your life can be insane enough, which is why we’ve invested in an E4D Dentist system that enables us to provide you with the dental care you need and want in a single visit. We scan your tooth rather than take a conventional impression. Then, a custom restoration is designed to fit your unique smile, after which it is transferred to the milling unit, where your crown, fillings or veneer is created right in our dental office. The final restoration is placed in your mouth the same day.

Digital Scans

Digital scans use the latest technology that is not only extremely precise, but also as safe as the check-out scanner at the grocery store. Unlike conventional impressions that can be messy, unpleasant, and cumbersome, a digital scan is clean and fast.

No Temporaries

The benefits of a single visit restoration go beyond saving you time. Your final crown, filling or veneer can be seated in the same appointment so you can avoid the hassle of a temporary and a second office visit.

Beautiful Results

The benefits of digital restorations go beyond same-day convenience. Your restorations will also look and feel completely natural. Digital precision means a perfectly comfortable fit. And, aesthetically, your metal-free restoration will match the look of your teeth for a beautiful, natural smile.

Ask today if an E4D restoration is right for you.

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